Recent Legislation

Assembly Bill 654

Equal Access to Independent Living Services

        This law ensures that foster kids placed with non-related legal guardians have the same access to independent living skills education as other foster children.

        The independent living skills system of courses and workshops teaches youth in foster care critical and practical skills such as how to fill out applications for employment or post-secondary education. Participation in this program is voluntary and allows youth to become eligible for post-secondary education funding through the Chafee Grants that other foster youth receive.

Assembly Bill 2483

Protecting the Rights of Teen Parents in Foster Care

        In an effort to protect young parents and their children, this law was signed into law July 16, 2008, amending Welfare and Institutions Code Section 301. In doing so, the law provides that before a social worker undertakes a program of supervision of the children of a parent who is also a dependent of the Juvenile Court, the teen parent must have the opportunity to consult with their attorney before voluntarily agreeing to such a plan.

        This law prevents unnecessary separation of young parents from their children and provides supportive services to promote that goal.