Community Initiatives

    The needs of a child do not begin and end with legal representation. In partnering with local community organizations, Children's Advocacy Group seeks to create, nurture, and advocate for a sense of collective responsibility with regard to the at-risk youth of San Bernardino County, California.

In order to maximize the development of our youth, we believe it is imperative that each and every child be exposed to the diverse array of opportunities and experiences made available by public and private resources. By connecting our children with community leaders, it is our goal to minimize the obstacles our clients will face in the foster care system.

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Our Community Partners

    At Children's Advocacy Group, among protecting the legal rights of our youth, we support their emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and cultural development. In doing so, we collaborate with our community partners that carry out these goals and encourage you to extend support to the following organizations:

Making A Difference Association

Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA

Children's Fund

Children's Network of San Bernardino County

National Children's Alliance


California Council of the Blind, Inland Valley Areas

Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California

Children's Playroom, San Bernardino County Superior Court, Juvenile Dependency Division